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T/A Alaska Balustrading

Licensed fabricator 

We offer you quality fencing and balustrading for all Sydney homes, apartment buildings and commercial properties. No matter what the size of your balcony – whether small or large – you can be sure we’ll have the ideal balustrading solution for your needs.
ARM balustrade pty is located in Punchbowl Sydney NSW. We are a metal manufacturing company, we manufacture supply & install all kinds of balustrades / fences. We specialize in Stainless steel glass balustrade, stainless steel wire balustrade. stainless steel handrail, Aluminium glass balustrade, handrail, swimming pool fence, privacy screen, louvers , gate and more

Stainless steel Glass Balustrades


Alaska Balustrading has more than 15 years experience on metal manufacturing industry


Our materials and supplies are the finest and highest quality in Australia.


All our product have manufacture & install by Australian Standards following the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

ARM Balustrade Pty Ltd has offer wide range of handrail, balustrade, fence, stair handrail, stainless steel handrails, glass balustrade wire balustrade, pool fence all over Sydney.


Get superior balustrading for a variety of residential and commercial needs

We manufacture Hand rail, Balustrade, stainless steel handrail, stainless steel glass balustrade, wire balustrade, frame less glass balustrade, aluminum balustrade, pool fence & all others  fence requirement by our  customer.

Arm Balustrade designs, manufactures and installs quality balustrade with quality fittings for residential and commercial properties throughout Sydney.

You’ll find a superior range of balustrades manufactured from a variety of materials, Stainless steel, handrail, glass balustrade, wire balustrade, pool fence,including.

ARM balustrade Pty Ltd T/a Alaska balustrading has over 18 years experience on the metal manufacturing industries.

ARM Balustrade Pty Ltd, has wide range of production of handrail, balustrade, glass balustrade, aluminum balustrade, pool fence, wire balustrade.  all over Sydney.